Je suis Charlie - IPA
17.01.2015 15:32


Like all civilised people around the world, the Members of the International Psychoanalytical Association have been shocked and appalled by the terrible events that have taken place in Paris.

 The IPA unreservedly condemns such terrorism, with its horrendous effects not just on the victims but on their families and friends, on their colleagues and the wider world. These terrorists seek to force all of us to bend to their will, to distort ourselves and our societies to their evil ideologies and violent, deadly methods: we refuse to bow before them. Instead, we place ourselves alongside the people of Paris in solidarity with them. We will all endeavour to strengthen further our resolve to resist these ideologues and to work through these traumatic events with a shared reflection and deeply felt compassion and solidarity.

 Je suis Charlie.

 Stefano Bolognini, President, on behalf of the Board of the International Psychoanalytical Association

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